Negotiating Group

Negotiating Group

The Negotiating Group is the body responsible for conducting the technical process of accession negotiations with European Union institutions for each chapter of the acquis.

The Negotiating Group is chaired by the Chief Negotiator and consists of 7 (seven) members. The Chief Negotiator and the members of the Negotiating Group are appointed by order of the Prime Minister.

The Negotiating Group has among others the following responsibilities:

 To evaluate draft proposals for negotiating positions drafted by the Inter-Institutional Working Groups for each chapter of the acquis, and to submit them for review to the State Committee for European Integration;

 To conduct the discussions and negotiations process for each chapter of the acquis in accordance with the negotiating positions adopted by the Council of Ministers;
 To monitor and coordinate the implementation of the Stabilization and Association Agreement obligations and the strategic documents on the European integration process, etc.

The Negotiating Group relies on the support of the Secretariat for European Integration in order to fulfil its functions.