Laws and Institutions

Laws and Institutions

The European Integration co-ordination system was reconceptualised with the approval of the Decision of Council of Ministers No. 749 of 19.12.2018 “On the establishment, organisation and functioning of the state structure, responsible for negotiating and concluding the Republic of Albania’s accession treaty with the European Union”.“.

The objective of the Council of Ministers Decision is:

  • complementing the decision-making framework to respond to further steps in the EU membership process;
  • setting up negotiating structures and defining their duties in the process of accession in the EU;
  • defining the role and tasks of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and its structures in the EU accession negotiation process;
  • ensuring central coordination between decision-making and negotiating structures for the negotiation process;
  • ensuring the involvement of civil society in the EU negotiation process.

Based on DCM no.749/2018, the Technical Committee of the Inter-Institutional Working Groups (TCIIWG), is currently established and functioning pursuant to the Order of the Prime Minister No 93 of 20.05.2019 “On the organisation and functioning of the Technical Committee of the Inter-Institutional Working groups”.

The Technical Committee of the Inter-Institutional Working Groups on European Integration oversees the overall functioning of the Inter-Institutional Working Groups for European Integration (IIWG) and ensures the continuity of work and engagement of all IIWG members at all phases of the accession negotiations. It also settles disputes between IIWGs.

Based on DCM no.749/2018, IIWGs are also established pursuant to the Order of Prime Minister No 94 of 20.05.2019 “On the set up, constitution and functioning of the inter-institutional working groups for European Integration”.

The Inter-Institutional Working Groups are set up for each chapter of the "acquis" and carry out all specific analysis on the situation of policies, legislation, financing, administrative procedures, social interaction and private enterprise and judicial enforcement for the relevant area covered by the relevant chapter of the "acquis". 

Following this analysis, the relevant IIWG develop the "Chapter Action Plan", thus preparing the Preliminary Framework Position and Concluding Framework Position for the relevant chapter, including discussions or listing of parties during negotiations for that chapter. Also, in drafting action plans, Inter-Institutional Working Groups should ensure consistency between work plans and drafted strategic documents.

In order to involve also the civil society and interest groups in the integration processes, the European Integration Partnership Platform is also established pursuant to the Order of Prime Minister No 113 of 30.08.2019 “On the forms of participation, functioning and institutional structure of the European integration partnership platform”.

The platform established by the order has an advisory/consultation function for the government structures that manage the European integration process, aiming to bring in in organised manner the opinions and positions of the most active actors of the Albanian society towards the process. The consultation with these actors extends also to the programming, management, implementation and evaluation of European Union assistance, as required by the Framework Agreement, the EU Financial Assistance Implementation Rules for Albania under the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance.

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