EU Accession


Key Dates   >

History of relations between Albania and the European Union- Historical dates and moments


National Plan for EU Integration   >

National Plan for European Integration (NPEI) during the years and monitoring reports


Documents   >

EU integration strategies and programs, EU Commission Reports, Albania-EU agreements etc.


Accession Negotiations    >

EU accession negotiations, historic background, structures, negotiations’ stance etc.


Joint Meetings   >

Albania-EU Joint Institutional Meetings- history and key dates


Laws and Institutions   >

Legal and institutional framework- laws and other acts, institutions and structures for integration


Translation of Acquis    >

Translation of EU acquis- acts during the years, ALTERM, manuals and brochures


Technical Assistance    >

Foreign assistance for EU integration- SMEI II, SMEI III, SMEI IV, PPF, GIZ and others


Publications    >

Treaties, ABC of EU Legislation, Explanation of the SAA, Leaflets, Brochures etc.

EU Assistance


Key Dates    >

Types of financial assistance by the EU through the years, CARDS programs, IPA etc.



IPA    >

IPA - a mechanism established by the EU to provide assistance to the Western Balkans and Turkey, in their the process of accession in the EU.


Territorial Cooperation    >

Territorial Cooperation – one of 5 policy areas of IPA instrument, Programmes – (CBC) bilateral, trilateral and transnational programs.


Strategic Documents    >

EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region, Country Strategy Paper, Multi-country Strategy Paper


Legal Framework    >

Legal documents and important Agreements of Territorial Cooperation Program, Framework Agreement, IPA II Regulation etc.


Technical assistance    >

Technial assistance provided to MEFA and other institutions, assistance for Territoral Cooperation programs

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