National Documents

National Documents

The National Strategy for Development and Integration 2015-2020 (NSDI) is the main national strategic document on which the national vision for development is given, priorities and objectives are set for a 5-year period.

NSDI 2015-2020 aims at sustainable social and economic development of the country, ensuring the fulfillment of standards and progress in the European integration process.

The NSDI consists of six priorities:

  • European integration;
  • Good Governance, Democracy and the Rule of Law;
  • Macroeconomic and Fiscal Stability;
  • Increase competition;
  • Increase competition;

  • Sustainable use of resources.

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The National Plan for EU Integration 2019-2021 includes medium and long-term measures extending until 2021 in order for Albania to achieve full legal approximation of national legislation with the EU acquis and to harmonize all sectors with EU standards set out in the chapters of the acquis. The NPEI is reviewed annually and assesses the progress achieved, not only in the degree of approximation but also in the implementation of the approximation legislation. The NPEI intends to coordinate this approximation process by setting priorities for the acts to be aligned to the ministries in charge of drafting / revising Albanian legal acts, of the approximation level and the dates of adoption and entry into force of topical legislation.

NPEI during the years

Economic Reform program 2019-2021

The path towards economic stability and fiscal consolidation, in accordance with the European integration goals and coupled with internal demand for sustainable growth, has shaped the economic model and the reforms undertaken by the Government of Albania. Albania has put many efforts toward creating a well-structured market economy capable of coping with competitive pressures and market forces once Albania joins the European Union.

The Economic Reform Programme 2019 - 2021 (ERP) outlines the main macroeconomic and fiscal policies aiming to establish the clear balance between the internal strengths and external threats, with a view to enable sustainable growth, increased employment and reduced public debt. In addition, the ERP summaries the priority reforms measures of the Government of Albania for the short-term future for increasing domestic production, stimulating new investments and ensuring sustainable growth and increased competitiveness.

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