Inter-Institutional Working Groups

Ndërinstitucionale të Punës

An Inter-Institutional Working Group is set up for each of the 35 chapters of the EU acquis. 

Inter-Institutional Working Groups are responsible for: 

The analysis of policies, legislation, financing, investments, administrative procedures, social interaction and of private enterprise, and judicial enforcement in the relevant field covered by the relevant chapter of the acquis;

The preparation of the analytical assessment of the harmonisation of national legislation with the European Union acquis;
The preparation of project proposals for negotiating positions for each chapter of the European Union acquis;
The preparation of documentation and assessment reports on opening benchmarks, interim benchmarks and closing benchmarks for the relevant chapter including discussions or positions arising out of negotiations for the respective chapter;
The periodical analysis of administrative capacities and for recommending their strengthening when needed;
Setting priorities for the process of approximation of Albanian legislation with that of the European Union, etc.

The Inter-Institutional Working Group is chaired by a Deputy Minister or Secretary General of the responsible ministry depending on the area of ​​competence and its nexus to the relevant chapter of the European Union acquis, or the representative of the independent institution, when the area of ​​competence for the particular chapter the acquis belongs to an independent institution. The Chairperson of each Inter-Institutional Working Group administers the working group in accordance with the requirements of the member of the Negotiating Group responsible for negotiating the chapter in question. The Chairperson and members of each of the Inter-Institutional Working Groups are appointed by order of the Prime Minister, upon proposal of the respective ministers or heads of independent institutions.

The Chairpersons of the Inter-Institutional Working Groups organise the Technical Committee of the Inter-Institutional Working Groups, which serves primarily as a forum for discussing and resolving disputes between the Inter-Institutional Working Groups.